Enhance Your Local Presence With A Virtual Office At A Prime Business Address

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A prime central business district address with a local telephone number that is answered in the name of your business can have a very positive impact on your business. A virtual office will give you the ability to run your business from a variety of locations while simultaneously enhancing the image of your business by providing you with a prestigious central business district address. Your virtual office can manage telephone calls, message handling, and snail mail correspondence while you focus on business growth. It is a very cost-efficient approach to obtain a business address in a prime central business district location.

For many businesses, customers can come from various regions across the nation and it would be cost prohibitive to set-up up a physical office in every major business centre in Australia. However, for many businesses, a local address and access to office space is important to be able to attract customers and to convince them that you have a local presence, since many customers are leery of conducting business with a company that does not have a local presence.

Virtual-office-AddressThis is the reason it is important for you to have a prime address and professional office services, virtually if possible. However, you should not arbitrarily choose a virtual office from the many you find online. It will behove you to check and analyse a location, which you know would be the best for your company’s needs. The location should have attributes that befit the likes of your business and would be likely to generate more business for you.

It takes a bit of time and effort to make a well-informed decision regarding the selection of a virtual office space. Therefore, we would like to provide you with some information that may make it easier for you to come to a decision.

Virtual Office Services

Virtual offices can be obtained with an array of different services depending upon the needs of your business. Certainly, additional services will add to the cost. Normally, at a minimum you will get a business address, with a business telephone number and a telephone answering service along with a service for forwarding mail. Quite often, businesses also obtain the following services.

  • Reception services
  • Access to shared and fully equipped conference rooms, training rooms, boardrooms, and meeting rooms.
  • Arbitration and mediation services and room
  • Photocopying, printing and additional administrative services
  • Catering service that is flexible and affordable

Virtual Office ServicesWith a virtual office space, you generally will not be required to make a large security deposit or sign a long term contract and your are able to set-up a business presence very quickly, usually within one day or even less. Conference space and boardrooms can even be booked on an hourly basis, when needed.

Additional Services Available With Your Virtual Office

  1. Office equipment – copiers, printers, computers, faxes
  2. High end infrastructure – high speed internet and telephone services
  3. Pay only when you use options
  4. Lobby and lounge services
  5. Free advertising
  6. HR and admin services
  7. Flexible catering services
  8. Professional call answering
  9. SMS and mailers

Tips On Selecting A Suitable Virtual Office


  1. Location matters – The business address you select should be centrally located and be a prime business address
  2. It should have an impressive physical structure. Walk around the facility, and check if it matches your needs and expectations. Take pictures of the office space, and also ask the service providers for pictures of the faculty.
  3. The office space you choose should have professional receptionist services, that will have a favourable impression on customers who visit your office. Make sure you examine the boardroom and meeting rooms, this is where your clients would sit and discuss business with you, and hence it needs to be apt and comfortable for business deals.
  4. The availability of meeting rooms and services should also be examined.
  5. The rights of using the physical address should be given to you. This means, you should be given the right to advertise the physical address on your promotional materials, forums, blogs and websites online. Be sure you have these rights prior to renting your virtual office.
  6. You should also be provided with signage with your company name in the lobby of the facility.
  7. Parking and transportation facilities should be readily available for instances when a physical presence is required for you or one of your employees. This is something that is frequently overlooked, but it can be very important when you set up meetings with prospective clients and your presence is necessary.
  8. Determine the cost of additional office equipment and support services you may require.
  9. Determine if the boardroom and meeting rooms need to be customised to suit your needs and standards.
  10. Determine the method of payment for online bookings.

There are many virtual offices online that allow company owners to make bookings through their portals. Some of them have online private calendars and this allows the staff of the company to check availability before they make bookings via email or the phone with prospective clients.

A virtual office is much more than simply renting a boardroom, it is a way to reduce expenses and have a professional image at the same time. One can now choose to rent on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis. The office set up would be dedicated and have amenities that are world class and state of the art.

It would benefit you to take a look online and compare the rates for virtual office services by speaking with at least four to five service providers. Check with clients they have served in the past, and look for online reviews of their services.

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